Accesos Electrónicos a Publicaciones Periódicas

THE PLANT CELL permiten consultar texto completo desde 1998 a 2001.
Los anios anteriores solo pueden verse los abstracts. 2000

THE PLANT PHYSIOLOGY permiten consultar texto completo desde 1998 a 2001.
Los anios anteriores solo pueden verse los abstracts.

Gentileza: Dr. Julio Benegas

Biologia-Biologia Molecular, Biofisica, Bioquimica. Full text gratis para el año 2000

Acceso a full text por tiempo limitado.

Gentileza: Dr. Hugo Klappenbach

Acceso a los distintos formatos de Medline, PubMed, que incluye PreMEDINE.
En Medline, hay mas información en castellano, francés y alemán (aun cuando predomine el inglés).
Para los que investigan en psicología también ofrece mucho material.

Gentileza: Dr. Antonio Mangione

Physiological Biochemical Zoology. Base de datos con acceso a abstract.

Journal of Experimental Biology. Full text de algunos años gratis

Journal of Development. Full text de algunos años gratis

Journal of Cell Science. Full text de algunos años gratis

Journals de Ecology, Ecological Monographs y Ecological Applications. Base de datos con acceso a abstracts.

Journal of Clinical Investigation. Sólo títulos en algunos casos full text, tiene acceso a otras decenas de journals sobre Fisiología, Medicina, Biología.

El mensaje que los que tienen el punto rojo tiene full text disponible no quiere decir que sea gratis.

The Journal of Physiology.

Acceso a base de datos con mas de 3000 journals.

The Journal of Arid Environment. Acceso libre a full text en formato PDF.
This monthly international journal publishes original scientific and technical research articles and reviews on Climate, Geomorphology, Geology, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Anthropology, Sociology, and Technical development in Arid, Semi-arid, and Desert environments.

Acceso a los abstracts de los siguientes journals:
Biochemistry and Cell Biology.
Canadian Geotechnical Journal.
Canadian Journal of Botany.
Canadian Journal of Chemistry.
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering.
Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences.
Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.
Canadian Journal of Forest Research.
Canadian Journal of Microbiology.
Canadian Journal of Physics.
Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.
Canadian Journal of Zoology.
Environmental Reviews.

Journal of Chemical Ecology. Acceso a abstracts.

Gentileza: Dr. Hugo Velasco

Journal of Environmental Radioactivity - Algunos artículos disponibles.

Journal of Biological Rhythms
     - Behavior
     - Developmental Biology
     - Endocrinology
     - Molecular Biology
     - Pharmacology
     - Cell Biology
     - Ecology
     - Genetics
     - Neurobiology
     - Physiology

The Linguist List

Connecting Research in Physics Education with Teacher Education

Abstracts for papers to be presented at American Physical Society meetings can now be submitted using a form on the APS home page.
A test form and advice on commonly used LaTeX symbols are also provided.

All links in Web Watch are included on Physics Today's home page

Physics Web. Discover the web site for physicists everywhere

Acceso directo a Physical Review, desde el año 1989 hasta la fecha.

Acceso directo a Wiley Interscience Journals

Translation Site du Jour
"Translators will always find these sites to be of interest; mostly they will be useful, like dictionaries or search tools - or what's happening on the Net. Other times they may be rich in content, about some specific subject area that you just may need some day."

Miscellaneous Links

Compilation of e-mail reference sites at 90+ libraries (Sent to LIBREF-L).
This new resource will be of interest to those of you studying e-mail reference services.
I have compiled a list of links to e-mail reference sites at more than 90 individual libraries.
While these sites give good examples of how libraries use Web forms to provide remote reference service, many of the sites also outline policies and procedures covering such services. While the bulk of the entries are from the U.S., there are also entries from Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Singapore and Estonia. The entries were obtained in response to queries posted to a number of library-related discussion lists. The site is available at:
Bernie Sloan
Senior Library Information Systems Consultant
University of Illinois Office for Planning & Budgeting
338 Henry Administration Building
506 S. Wright Street
Urbana, IL 61801
Phone: (217) 333-4895 - Fax: (217) 333-6355 Email:


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